Cascadia Collaborative Divorce is an association of allied professionals who work together to support you and your family in resolving your divorce or other family law matter.  Our members share a vision and passion for the practice of Collaborative divorce.  We are centered in North Seattle and maintain offices across the greater Seattle area.

The resources and experience of our Collaborative professionals span multiple disciplines.  We have decades of collective experience addressing the issues that you now face.  Among the Collaborative professionals we work with are family law attorneys, mediators, divorce coaches, child specialists, financial specialists, mortgage and real estate specialists, and vocational experts.  Our goal is to assemble a team with the resources and experience our clients need to get through a difficult and complex process.

Divorce is a major life transition.

Regardless of the circumstances, divorce is a challenging life event.  Cascadia Collaborative Divorce was formed because we firmly believe there is a better way for divorcing spouses to end their marriage.  In the Collaborative process, you are empowered to make the critical decisions regarding your life.  Collaborative attorneys work to ensure that you and your spouse retain control of the process.

You, not the courts, are in control of how your marriage ends.

Rather than asking a judge or commissioner to make some of the most important decisions that our clients will ever face, we seek to give our clients the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions about their own lives.  By reducing and resolving conflict and helping you plan thoughtfully for your future, we aim to help you find a clear path forward and leave a positive legacy for your family.

Traditional litigation versus the Collaborative Divorce process.

Traditional litigation is an adversarial process that submits the parties’ competing claims of legal entitlement to the “trial by fire” environment of a courtroom.  The results, too often, are entrenchment, vilification of other parties, and extraordinary expense in both financial and emotional terms.

Collaborative practitioners believe that disputes involving families are especially well suited to a different approach.  The Collaborative process is non-adversarial.  Collaborative professionals work to help you end your marriage in a respectful, compassionate and rational manner.  In a Collaborative divorce, the parties strive to reach a fair settlement through a series of meetings between the parties, their lawyers, and the rest of their Collaborative team.

The primary focus of meetings is to identify the priorities, goals, needs and interests of each of the parties, and of their children.  Throughout, allied professionals are used where appropriate to help the parties progress toward and effect a settlement that is consistent with their interests.  The process is particularly effective at recognizing and meeting the unique needs of children during a difficult and turbulent time.

More about Cascadia Collaborative Divorce

Cascadia Collaborative Divorce is a group of interdisciplinary professionals who help couples divorce with dignity and respect.  Our members work with clients on the legal, financial and emotional issues common to families in transition.   By building interdisciplinary support teams, we contain conflict, share information and help families solve problems.  All of us are trained in Collaborative divorce and mediation.

Cascadia Collaborative Divorce members are affiliated with King County Collaborative Law, Collaborative Professionals of Washington and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  Although our members frequently work together on Collaborative cases, we also work frequently with non-members.