In a collaborative divorce, the parties agree to work cooperatively to end their marriage.  They commit not to resort to traditional litigation.  Instead they utilize the skills of collaboratively trained attorneys and other team members to attempt to resolve their issues in a fair and rational manner.

Each party agrees to fully disclose all relevant information and documents.  At the heart of the collaborative process are the professionals from multiple disciplines who assist the parties with the often complex financial, occupational, emotional and psychological issues that accompany separation and divorce.

By providing continual feedback and dialogue, these specially trained professionals help the parties identify and work through the issues requiring resolution.  Through a series of meetings, the parties negotiate a resolution that attempts to maximize the benefits of the final settlement for all involved parties.  The collaborative process is particularly well suited to meeting the unique needs and challenges that children face during the separation and divorce of their parents.

If you have questions about whether the collaborative divorce process is appropriate for you, we encourage you to contact us or call one of our professionals directly to discuss your case in more detail.